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Cabinet, Countertop and Hardware Care during COVID-19

With the current pandemic still looming, you are probably finding that you are cleaning and disinfecting your surfaces more than usual. WE ARE TOO! It got us thinking… what products are safe to use on our cabinets, countertops and hardware so that the increased frequency of cleaning doesn’t negatively affect the appearance of your finishes? Read on to find out what we recommend…


With any wood product, it is important to avoid excessive moisture. We recommend using a mild detergent (such as Murphy’s Oil Soap) to clean and disinfect your cabinets if soiled. A solution of warm water, vinegar and a few drops of dish soap can also be used as a substitute to store-bought detergents. Always make sure that you immediately wipe your cabinets dry. Avoid abrasive cleansers containing ammonia or other solvents, scouring pads and powdered cleansers.

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When necessary, decorative hardware is best cleaned with warm water, mild soap, and a soft cloth. Avoid the use of abrasive cleaning products, disinfecting wipes or window cleaner. Over time, the use of such products will result in the removal of the protective coating.


Plastic laminate countertops should be cleaned with a mild soap or detergent and warm water for daily cleaning. For stubborn stains or deeper cleaning, it is ok to use a household cleaner or disinfecting wipe, but you should avoid abrasive cleaners or anything containing bleach.

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Granite or Quartz:

Natural stone or quartz countertops should also be cleaned with a mild soap or detergent and warm water. A water based spray cleaner or a clear-colored vinegar formula Windex can also be used. If a film, smudges or streaks develop, use water diluted with vinegar (3 parts water to 1 part vinegar) and a soft clean cloth to remove it. Use of disinfecting wipes is ok and will not hurt the granite or quartz; however, if done regularly it will wear the sealer out.

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